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These exclusive Curated Collections are designed to guide you as you align every part of your life with the higher spiritual perspectives found in The Course in Miracles.

You can take these downloadable audio collections with you wherever you go as Marianne guides you to live in a realm of pure love, where anything is possible.

Spiritual Knowing Collection

What if true transformation comes not from learning — but from unlearning our world’s fear-based thought system… so you can instead embrace a system based on love?

Then can you set yourself free to attract happiness and unlimited good, says Marianne — training your mind to think in ways that deflect fear and negativity.

The Spiritual Knowing Collection includes Spiritual Problem Solving, Too Cool to Care, Seeing with New Eyes, and Transcending Chaos and Your Higher Self.

Empowering Spirit Collection

  • Your Spirit Self
  • The Esoteric Christ
  • Form & Content
  • The Quantum Universe

Forgiveness Collection

  • Forgiveness & Happiness
  • Seeing the Christ
  • Mystical Forgiveness
  • Forgiveness

Healing & Miracles Collection

  • Fear to Love Blame to Blessing
  • Crisis & Opportunity
  • Mercy & Miracles
  • Victim to Victory

The Light Beyond Self Collection

  • Light of My True Being
  • Dwell in the Present
  • Your Being Your Purpose
  • Layers of Illusion

Living Love Collection

  • Life is an Adventure
  • From Material to Miraculous
  • Mindfulness & Spirituality
  • Making Amends Taking a Chance

Love & Light Collection

  • Relationships and the Peace of Our True Selves
  • Emotional Generosity and Relationships
  • Presence of Mind Sessions of Love
  • On the Radicalism of Love

The Power of God Collection

  • From Powerless to Powerful
  • The True You is Perfect
  • Possibility of Infinite Possibility
  • Divine Blueprint for a New Year

Relationships Collection

  • Common Sense of the Heart
  • Making Every Encounter Holy
  • Showing Up for Relationships
  • Relationships, Reality &

Spiritual Knowing Collection

  • Too Cool to Care
  • Seeing With New Eyes
  • Spiritual Problem Solving
  • Transcending Chaos and Your Higher Self